Research facilities

Iontech laboratory provides metallurgical testing and assaying in the fields of metals recovery and environment,as well as consultation services in the field of mining industry.

Metallurgical testing and assaying

Metallurgical testing and assaying services include:

  • Processing of mineral raw materials

  • Hydrometallurgy

  • Environment

  • Analytical Assaying

  • Projects

Consultation services

Consultation services include:

  • R&D programs development and implementation

  • Test results evaluation

  • Recommendations regarding Laboratory and pilot equipment

Mineral Processing

  • Ore preparation

  • Crushing

  • Grinding

  • Screening

  • Solid-Liquid Separation

  • Standard thickening procedures

  • Filtration procedures


The laboratory equipment provides a huge number of hydrometallurgical and bio-hydrometallurgical techniques.  Testing techniques include:

  • Bottle roll testing

  • Agitation tank leaching

  • Column leaching, in up to one metre diameter columns

  • Ion exchange

  • Solvent extraction

  • Electrowinning

  • EMEW electrowinning

  • Bio-leaching of base metal ores and concentrates

  • Ammonia leaching

  • Caustic leaching


The Laboratory uses a number of technologies to determinate and treat contaminated effluents and soils.

The tests include:

  • AMD and other industrial waste streams characterization

  • Chemical treatment of metallurgical ,mining and chemical  wastes

  • Treatment of contaminated waters and soils

Analytical Assaying

The laboratory can provide ore and concentrate testing, along with element analysis tailored to suit every project requirements.

We have facility offering the following  analyses and services:

  • Sample preparation

  • Multi-element analysis by Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy (AAS)

  • Classical chemical assaying of ores , concentrates and wastes

Sampling studies and testing program design