Research and Technology

Research and development division of Iontech2000, thru continuously innovative development research works provided closely with our clients, keep the company as a leading developer of technology in the hydrometallurgical industry.

Proprietary technology is a key element in our business. On this base we actively develops and acquires technologies, based on customer needs and requirements.

Iontech 2000 also works with well known in the business external partners. Large numbers of commissioned projects thru the years are result both from close collaboration with the customers and universities and research companies.

This number of successfully finished projects in Bulgaria and outside further reinforces the company’s ability to commercialize innovations in a shorter timeframe without compromises than usual practice of the competitors.

Comprehensive own research facilities and finished projects, pilot plants and expert resources, continuously developing and keeping high and versatile physical and intellectual resources of the company, is wholly in customer favor to decide any task or problem – from the laboratory test, thru design and construction department to application in the practice.