Water treatment

Iontech provides sustainable wastewater treatment solutions based on latest and time tested technology. Our specialties are:

  • Heavy metals removal – removal of dissolved metals like lead, mercury, cadmium iron, aluminum, antimony, chromium/chrome, cobalt, copper, manganese, nickel, uranium, vanadium and zinc using the following approaches:

    • Ion Exchange process

    • High Density Sludge (HDS) lime neutralization process

  • Sulfate removal

    • chemical treatment with mineral precipitation - the main reagents used are: lime, limestone, barium salts {Ba(OH)2, BaCO3 and BaS}, aluminum hydroxide, CO2 

    • semi-permeable membranes – two  water  treatment  processes are used Electrodialysis and  Reverse  Osmosis

    • ion-exchange – specially developed ion exchange resins are used

    • biological sulphate removal - constructed wetlands, anoxic limestone drains and permeable reactive barriers are used

  • Arsenic removal

    • two-stage precipitation of arsenic as scorodite

    • final removal of arsenic using specially designed ion exchange resin